“The flowers of pink and white are beautifully arranged in a delicate ceramic vase of white with blue flowers topped off with a lovely bow.  The nicest part of this arrangement is that it always looks fresh and beautiful year round.
The arrangement is displayed on my dining room buffet to one side of a gold framed mirror hanging on the wall.  My next door neighbor and daughter have commented that it is very pretty.”

— Alice Ginise, Old Greenwich, CT.




“Your beautiful flowers are a welcome sight and make me smile when I turn the key into my Southampton home. They brighten and enhance my entrance hall, living room, dining room and kitchen.”

— Rafe de la Gueronniere, Southampton, NY.



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“All the designs are unique to each vessel and are perfect for the room and location in my home. My husband and I love their endless and timeless beauty. And I have to remind myself NOT to water them.”

—Patty and Thayer Bigelow, Southampton, NY and NYC, NY.


“I really enjoyed working with Linda—whether we were shopping for the perfect celadon planter, sourcing a graceful Ming Aralias tree or selecting appropriate silk flowers for various bouquets. The creative process was both interesting and fun and the final result accentuated the interior decor and added immeasurably to the warmth and charm of my apartment. It puts a smile on my face every time I walk in.” 

—Senior Executive, New-York-based Brand Management company.


“In case anyone is wondering how real these gorgeous arrangements can appear: I watered mine for 3 weeks before someone tipped me off!!”

—Marion Pirot, Southampton, NY and Greenwich, CT.